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Lights on with no one home!!

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:xFished Sag friday night 8/7 from 6pm to 1pm.Fished the south end of Mesquite flats on the point had a good bite till dark with fish busting shad on top.After dark this is where it gets interesting.There was a guy that pulled into the cove and parked his boat on the beach about 100 yards from us.They were parked there for about a hour,now the real interesting stuff the boat starts up and the start moving towards our direction.No big deal right,wrong this guy guns the throttle in a no wake zone about 75 yards from us and is headed dead square for the middle of my boat.He is at full plane and is still dead on us.Me and my partner start yelling at him at the top of our lungs and waving our arms in hopes he will turn.I am now thinking I am done for this guy is going to kill us,at the last possible second he barely turns and the wake from the side of his boat splashes over my bow.This guy misses us by inches I was just about to jump for my life.The real kicker her is this guy was in a bass boat I would understand it more if this was a lakelice boat,have to watch your back with those types all the time,now I have to worry about bassboat guys too.What the hell is this world coming too!! I never had any confrontation with this person or even a word spoken.This guy is an IDIOT!! to say the least.To risk another persons life in that way delibratly is beyond words he deserves anything he has coming his way and I am a believer it will.People like this makes things we do to relax and enjoy ourselves just another stressful situation.Bottom line is be careful out there and watch your back you never know who's lights are on with no one home!!!
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Glad you're alright, welcome to the zone.
Was it dark? Did you have lights on?
Yes, and no.

HAHA, there is your problem!
Yes lights were all on including blacklight which was facing directly towards him. Am I missing something you guys are acting like I played a part in this I was in this spot for three hours minding my own buisness fishing when this happened I play by the rules out there cause others dont.
Thats what happens when 1 looks for sympathy on the zone.
TopHawg it is getting bad out there, with both lake lice and fishermen, some people are great and drive like they have a clue and others including fishermen are idiots, glad your ok and survived, that had to be pucker time deciding whether to jump or not, surprised you didn't go after the guy and have a discussion with him?
A number of years old when Roosey was a lot lower I was fishing the most northern point on Goose Flats. I was way out on the end of the point all my lites on and a pleasure boat keep running between me and the shore, hooting and a screaming. After about the third time I told my partner we were going in closer and I ran the boat about half way in, well here they come again, with a few more beers in them and never noticed I had move in. Man does a boat make a lot of noise when its running up on dry land. I yelled to see if anyone was hurt and they said something about my hertiage and we just about fell over the side of the boat laughing. Drove by the next morning at daylite and the boat was still there with four hungover guys trying to get in back in the water. Made my whole day.
This is why i always have an extra spot light on the deck of the boat. It happens all the time. Glad you made it out alive!!
you guys are acting like I played a part in this
I never implied that. I simply asked the question because your post didn't mention it. I fish at night all the time and personally, I keep my lights off because of bugs. If I hear a boat coming, I turn them on. That's the only reason I asked.
Guess that is the case.Was not looking for sympathy just trying to help the next guy
I never implied that. I simply asked the question because your post didn't mention it. I fish at night all the time and personally, I keep my lights off because of bugs. If I hear a boat coming, I turn them on. That's the only reason I asked.
Herminator, or anyone else.

I know if you're running the boat at night you need both the bow/stern light on.

If you're fishing and burning bank, are you allowed to turn either lights off or do you have to by law to keep them on?
Didn't think you were. Just trying to fit in
Fishless believe me I wanted to have that discusion but if he is capable acting like that with no concern for another persons life I dont know what this guy is capable of and didnt want to have him put my life or my partners in jeaprody again.
Ghettorig AZGFD boating laws states power driven vessels less than 65.6 ft must display red and green sidelights and a all around white light on mast or stern.All vessels when not underway are required to display a white light visible in all directions they are moored or anchored outside a designated mooring area between sunset and sunrise hope that helps you.
Tai, I BELIEVE the law is that if you're "moored/anchored" you can turn off your nav light (bow), and leave your mooring light (stern) ON. If you are "moving" than you need to have your nav and stern lights on to comply with the law as I understand it. Sometimes at night when I'm way up in a cove and the bugs are bad, I HAVE been known to "bend" this a little, but as said earlier I have a spot close at hand and "one finger on the switch".
Keep it safe, dusk to dawn lights are on. With the accident that took Reggies life earlier this year and so many others who have had issues of falling over the side the vest is on too.

I know there are people out there at night who even under a full moon seem to not have good night vision. This is still no excuse to almost center-punching someone.
i always give people a flicker with the spot light in the middle of the night even wen my lights are on had a couple close encounters with bass boats some people think they know it all in there heads and drive like a holes at night glad he didnt hit you
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