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RL... I think that's his last name.

Chris, I find my self doing that all the time. When I catch a fish, I think to my self, "Oh God, I'm snagged again..." Then the realization of me having a fish on makes me forget how I was retrieving the bait. Then again when I don't pay attention is when I catch the most fish... DOH!

As far as the other stuff, I'm working on plastics this year. I have a 6' 6" St Croix Med action fast tip that I'm using for cranks. I have McCoy Mean Green 10 lb test on it. My favorite crank is the Norman LDN Baby Bass.

I don't use swivels on Flukes or Assassans but I've heard MANY recommendations to do so.

My favorite top water is the rico that's swiming around Saguaro with the little rat that took it just over a week ago. I love flukes but I haven't thrown them at all this year. (trying to stick with rico's, pop-r's and spooks) would be nice if that top water bite at patty turned on for the tourney!
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