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Liquid wraps

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Anyone have a phone number to a real person at liquid wraps, i have left several messages with them over a period of a week and no call back. I also sent two emails to them as well, are they out of bussiness or they just dont like returning phone calls and emails.
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thanks for your help and the info.
You could always look at Blue Media too. Their number is 480-317-1333. They are a lot bigger and have a much larger work force with better graphics and details. They did all the Hook-Ups stuff. Ask for Jarred Smith and tell him Joe Dees referred you and you'll be taking care of. Call me if you have any ?'s. 602/524/2711
Agreed. Call BlueMedia. They did my wrap, as well as Jerry Westons American Flag wrap on his boat. They do everything professionally and in a timely manner.

Ask for Emily Lentz at 480-317-1333 or email her at [email protected] and tell her Mitch sent you, she'll handle everything for you.

Ditto on Blue Media...You can see my wrap in the for sale section....

Emily will take care of you....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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