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List of boats at the Rally

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We are scheduled to have the following boat brands at the Rally.

Allison (XB2002: SidVishus & XB2003: NoviceDave)
Bullet (21xd: Dr. 6)
Stroker (StrokerDean: Owner, Kurt Mourer: dealer)
Beeline/Phoenix (Arizona Watersports: dealer)
Champion, Skeeter, Basscat (Open Throttle Marine: dealer)
Ranger, Stratos (Southwest Marine: dealer)
Triton, Lowe (Complete Marine: dealer)
Procraft (Martin Marine: dealer)
Gambler (Divotman: team staff)
Tracker/Nitro (Hawg'n: team staff)

We may also get Wayne Worthy of HydroTech (makers of hi-horsepower Yamahas). I'm also going to invite some boat suppliers (prop and engine folks).

Thanks again to everyone that is participating.
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whoo hoo! i cant wait!
Hey, I have several boaters comitted. Is there a problem with doing the kids event in the AM then going to the rally afterwards? Whats the time frame? We would sure like to help out Rich with the kids in the morning then demo the boats in the afternoon.
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