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We are scheduled to have the following boat brands at the Rally.

Allison (XB2002: SidVishus & XB2003: NoviceDave)
Bullet (21xd: Dr. 6)
Stroker (StrokerDean: Owner, Kurt Mourer: dealer)
Beeline/Phoenix (Arizona Watersports: dealer)
Champion, Skeeter, Basscat (Open Throttle Marine: dealer)
Ranger, Stratos (Southwest Marine: dealer)
Triton, Lowe (Complete Marine: dealer)
Procraft (Martin Marine: dealer)
Gambler (Divotman: team staff)
Tracker/Nitro (Hawg'n: team staff)

We may also get Wayne Worthy of HydroTech (makers of hi-horsepower Yamahas). I'm also going to invite some boat suppliers (prop and engine folks).

Thanks again to everyone that is participating.
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