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LKost our dog today

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We had cocoa 9 years but her liver problems caught up with her
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sorry for the loss of your girl Phaz.
R.I.P COCAO! sorry for your loss phaz, the worst thing about pets!
sorry to hear that man.
Sorry it happened Mike.

I'm sitting here with a sick puppy myself, it's hard to watch and not be able to change things.
Mike & Mary sorry to hear that, know your animals are a part of the family (As they are with almost anyone). Hope you get a new puppy that fills this loss (and it humps your leg and chews the hell out of all your shoes)....
losing a family member is hard and painful but look at the bright side your cocoa is not suffering anymore and watching you from up there.
Sorry for your loss mike. I have one that's 17 right now and i dont think he's gonna make it through the year... It will be a sad day when i have to put him down.
My springer (CUJO) has pancreatitus and valley fever,he is one tough dog and he is still making it and is getting better and better
Sorry to hear that bro!
So sorry to hear that but I bet she left many a memories for you.

Lotsa luck is your Vizsla sick?
sorry to hear that Mike

WOW!! my sister just called today their dog passed away this last weekend and a good friend called last night and their family dog passed on.
Sorry to hear that Mike. I know you love your labs. Cocoa was cool. I hope you find a new one.
Sorry about Cocoa, they are all missed but having fun now in the big bird field in the sky.
Soory about your loss.
Sorry to hear Phaz. I sure dread the day my chocolate has to leave me..
So sorry for your loss.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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