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Looking for a Zoner that does kitchen remodeling

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I'm going to have my kitchen remodeled and wanted to throw some work in the direction of a fellow Zoner. I plan on doing the countertops, sink, cabinets, etc. PM me if you perform this service or know of someone that does.
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So you need a floor guy? If so, I can hook you up with a guy.. Let me know..
My brother is a very good remodler. PLP Restoration group. Perer Pusateri @ 602-578-7383. He's been very busy.
Let me know if you want a bid on any plumbing. Bids are free.
No kitchen is complete without a fireplace and swimming pool. Call me!

eddie pino 602-370-4246. you name it. he can get it done. great quality and he stands by his work.
Tile is already done and no plumbing is needed. Thanks for all the replies/PM's. Sounds like my wife will have her kitchen soon and I can spend more time on the lake:D.
I do cabinets and counter top and i can come by and give a free estimate give me a call 602-478-3299
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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