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Lowrance failing .. need recommendations

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My Lowrance X-65 has suddenly developed a shrunken pic that doesn't fill the screen and info is cut off on the left side and has a blank line running down through the display with no picture displayed on that line. Otherwise still working .. just not perfect.

I have no idea why it developed this problem, I keep it in a storage locker on the boat when not in use, but it happened anyway.

So the question is .. I don't know if I should pay to fix it or change to another unit.

What is the best fish / depth finder these days for the once or twice a month fisherman?

All recommendations appreciated.
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this is what i have and love it

I own a humminbird 300tx thats on my dingy. I did a bit of research before making my final decision. The fishmark320 was in the running but with all the options that the 300tx has and the tri beam transducer I fell that it was the best one and am verry happy with its performance. I did a pre order for it on for about 180 I think and it came with a water temp sensor also. Its great.
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