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Lowrance X-135

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When I was fishing last night I went to turn on the front graph and a message came up that said call customer service has anyone had this message before? There were some numbers after the message but I didn't have a pen to write them down. I am sure they were codes for what was wrong. I turned the unit off and back on again but the message did not come back???

When I call customer service do I tell them what I stated above or will they ask me for the numbers that were there?
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Sup dude....when are going to slay some crappie?
Anyway man heres the her, or better yet e-mail her.....she has helped me out several times....

Linda Colt
Customer Service Department

12000 East Skelly Drive

Tulsa, Ok 74128

1-800-324-1356 #8747

Direct line 918-438-8747

Fax 918-234-1745

Email: [email protected]

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Thanks, will do. I tried taking a buddy from work last night and caught 1 at Alamo. Seems liek they are not biting very well up there. O-well might be time to hit San Carlos!
sorry to hear IAMMAC, fri nite at rosey, caught 94 , sat nite caught around 50
Sounds like it was A LOT better than ALamo! I am gonna have to Hit Rosey this weekend possibly. What area of the lake were you in? Salt or Tonto end?
I thought I told you to put that fishing rod up. No Fishing until I am back on the water.
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