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Man Cave Idea's

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Going to finish my 8'x 14' man cave soon. Give up you pic's or idea's. using it for pouring and lure making only.Looking for cabinets, counter tops,etc too. I already have A/C and exhaust fans.Thanks!
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If you want some good deals on bench's, book case's, chairs, desk's, table's, etc...

Go to the ASU auction

2325 E Rio Salado Pkwy
Tempe, AZ 85281
SE Corner of
Rio Salado & Price Rd
i used an old heavy duty exterior door as work bench in my shop. built it into the corner at my desired working height. gave me plenty of working room and is sturdy as a mo'.
If you are a neat freak, you could hinge the door to the wall, then when you finish you can fold the bench up, out of the way. If not a neat freak just bolt it down.
I went to Home Depot and bought some pre-fabbed formica countertops around $30 each.
They have held up for 10yrs + now. ( in my garage/shop)
Cutting, drilling, battery acid and anything you can throw at it.
don't forget to put some hooks on the wall for your MAN-PURSE
tech it out...I sell these and could hook you up big time. They are all modular and you can intermix shelving, workbench, and divideable drawers especially
Endless possibilities… Are you looking just to put in a quick and dirty work area; make it a nice looking utility area, or want to full fledged furniture look? Also, what kind of tools do you have? Table saw, router and a drill will afford some pretty wide open options… What kind of wood; colors, etc?

You could certainly do wall build in’s; or full length desk/counter with shelves/cabinets above making this look like true living space. You can also put up pegboard either painted, not painted or with the melamine surface and frame it nicely in a wood frame. If you are looking to paint (or even tinted lacquer) the cabinets, you can use MDF. It is very workable and you can do anything with it, with quality of finish dictated by just how far you want to go. I am not just talking slapping paint on here; anytime you see colored lacquer in furniture; MDF is involved… A little wood putty to fill the holes and cracks, sand, and you have a perfectly smooth surface.

Also, cabinets are much easier to build that one would think; especially if you build the box and toe kick separately. There are tricks… If you have any desire to do this, let me know and I will send some pointers… Again, I have no idea what your thoughts are, or taste…

For my “man cave”; I have my Den. It is considered a living area, so I have it setup pretty nice as like any other den. I built my roll top desk as I wanted a desk I could perform my fly tying tasks and be able to lock it away so the cats didn’t get to it. The pigeon hole and roll top work great for this; also housing my computer for dual purpose stuff.

So, though I would like to have a utility room in the house that one could still make nice, but still want to be usable without fear of scratching, I have settled for my den and separate woodshop. For the permanent task area of the shop, I have two workbenches. One is built into the wall with cabinets and a work surface (just perfectly flat – replaceable particle board (reinforced well via frame). I also have a very large peg board framed into the wall; along with power for a nice finished look. For a utility room that is used for nothing else; you just can’t beat a large bench in the center of the room. I have a 4’x7’ bench in my shop as so I can walk/work or sit all the way around it. I have the replaceable particle board surface for woodworking, but you can easily put formica on top for a very nice/tough/perfect surface. This bench also has built in cabinets underneath for storage of my tools. Never can have enough storage… Since this is in the garage, I got away with using chipboard for the box/case with 2x2 bracing and 2x4 bracing for the top. The face frames are mdf; again secured to the 2x2’s and painted for a very nice finished look (again for the garage). In your case you could still use paint making it look pretty darn good; but hit it with lacquer for the extra quality. Or just go to wood. Remember; home depot rents those paint sprayers for a perfectly flat paint finish. I used paint in my lacquer gun for my suns wainscot in his room and it is a mirror finish… With the Home depot gun; you may get a hint of orange peel, but it will still look professional…

But then as others have said, you may want to get away from the furniture look , and make it utilitarian or dual purpose with a work surface that folds up…

Maybe if you give a picture of your room, or measurements where doors, closets and windows are about? May be able to give you some ideas. Even in small rooms, there is always a way to make very good use of space as to give you the most bang for the buck… heck; I may just drop the measurements in Visio and draw something up quickly…

As others have said, formica is awesome for counter tops; pretty bullet proof. Again depending on your equipment, you can purchase the laminate, and also fiberboard and cement and put whatever design/size you want. You can work laminate with woodworking tools and finish it up with a router. But as other have said; home depot sells the countertops; but you will have to work around their size and structure…

So, leave it up to me to get out of whack here… I love to customize and do all my own work, so you hit my nerve here. I have issues and I am the first to acknowledge it… Just let us know how a little more about your desires, time commitments, budget, etc. and I am sure we can give you ideas… it’s just too wide open right now to know what interests you.
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