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If you haven't signed up be sure to do so soon. Last to sign up is out if there aren't enough boaters.

February Results:
First place went to me (Bob La Londe) & Justin Coogler. It was a nasty windy day and I chunked a spinnerbait all day. Five bites and five in the boat. My partner stuck a couple on cranks and was good with the net. We also had big fish.

Robert Murray & Kalib Lund took second. They said they boated most of their fish on crankbaits.

Third place went to Manuel Garcia & Brad Wallace.

Draw meeting at Baron Fuels on Saturday at 6:15 sharp as usual. Sunrise will be around 6:40 on Sunday so you should be in the water ready to go before 6:00. We will be on Mittry Lake so be ready to try things. That lake is feast or famine.

Lets say thank you to our sponsors:
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We would also like to mention:
Fisher's Landing & Skeeter boats who contributed to last year's BBQ.

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Hi Bob,

I had a blast fishing with you a couple of weeks back. If someone lives in the Yuma area & is considering picking up tournament bass fishing give Bob a call. He was a first class Pro with a wealth of knowledge about Martinez.

Thanks again,

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