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MBC Pro-AM... Need to know who's going

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Hey guys.. several Am's are wondering how many Pro's are going to Rosi.
Can you reply so we can get an idea of how many of you are going?
It could be a good prefish for the following week...
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Not sure I will be there depends on my boat. I won't know anything till Wednesday. I'm suprised Paul hasn't started calling guys to make sure he has enough pairings.
Hey Adam, I hope it works out... there is a rumor that you could use someone else's boat.. so if so, hope to see you there.
When I spoke to Paul this past weekend, he told me he does not have everyone's phone #'s and so forth. So I am think he probably doesnt even know who has fished it maybe..
So he is trying to start contact info off of what he does have so far.
You are correct I have been offered a few boats to use but anyone who knows me knows I hate to borrow a boat. I've had bad experiences on both sides of borrowing/loaning a boat. I would just hate to blow up someones motor or do some damage to someone elses boat.

But we'll see how it shakes out!

I would love to be there just to see how many show up and how the pairings go. I'm willing to bet someone is going to be left on the bank because not enough Pro's or Am's showed up. Either way no fun for whoever gets left on the bank
Ditto on both those...
Pete just talk to Paul and I emailed him, so that is why I decided to post so we have some type of idea.
I hope Michael is not one left behind..:)
I'll be there and I definately know how bad it is to be left on the bank. Does anyone have his number so that people can call into him?
What did Paul tell Pete?

Yeah Chris lost a good chance if not AOY to being left on the bank. Not good!! Sorry Chris I felt bad that day when I saw you fishing from the bank.

I don't like to see any left on the bank, that's why I'm suprised a head count is just now being done with the derby 3 days away
Ya I wasnt too happy about it either because was in second place, but did have a lot of fun and learned a ton from it. Im also suprised that there's still a question of who will or will not be there.
Paul's contact info is on the website, dont remember it off hand.
yeah.. sorry about that Chris
We reminded him that the website shows Pro-Am in one location and Couples in another - he said he will update as soon as he can.
Also, statement released earlier about Seniors and Superteams boat stuff and payout indicated 'ALL Championships" were basically winner take all... but that should not be true for Couples and Pro-AM. He agreed and said he will correct. It is normal payout... based on teams. hope I didnt confuse you - also I got it right since I was not the one speaking to him.
Pauls phone number is

FYI guys, the touney is going out of Grapevine!
Right - the website said said Grapevine, but the entry form said Cholla so we let him know and therefore the email and update that went out today.

Hey... and I need an insurance quote on our boat...:) plz
You are correct I have been offered a few boats to use
Use Ben's boat..........:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
First a bunch of people didn't even know that it was winner take all at the seniors deal and now there are people with no idea if they will even get to fish in the P/A championship. I said it months ago this guy needs to learn to communicate.

BTW I did fish one of the pro-ams but will not be fishing the championship... I hope all the ams get paired up that would suck to get left out...
Use Ben's boat..........:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
Which one? LOL I hope he has a green one because that is my favorite color

You can use Nitro's boat and maybe show it how to catch fish!
Well we know what great communication has been made by several of you. The exact statement out of his email was 'With that said, I have determined the best course of action is to make all the championships a cash payout of 100%. This cash payout will be from the entry fee's which will go to the winner with the side pots being distributed as usual.' What part of that is NOT winner take all?
Anyway... I am not going to go back and forth.
Adam - hope to see you there.
You can use Nitro's boat and maybe show it how to catch fish!
First you'll have to show it water....... Then maybe, just maybe a fish.....
What a fluster cluck!
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