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MBC Senior's Results

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Does anybody on here have the pay outs for the Senior's Championship. I sent Paul a e-mail last Wednesday and did not get a return yet. I also called him and he was at the lake so he did not have the results. He said he sent the checks out but we have not received anything. I know we won some money but have no way to find out how much.

I know he is new thats why I waited a week for the pay outs to be posted. He must know the pay outs by now so why are they not being put up on this site or on MBC's website?

Not trying to cause a problem just trying to find out how much we won.
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I had already saw the standings, thats how I knew we had some money coming. What I wanted to see was the pay outs.
Bad Marketing, people like to see what the winnings are just to see if it worth fishing for the money.
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