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MBC Super Teams Championship question?

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I sent an email to Paul and wanted to see what some of you think about this.

I am waiting to have surgery for a hiatal hernia. Some days I am sick and other days I am fine. My question is, if for some reason I couldn't finish a day of the tournament, would it be ok for my partner to fish it alone? Or for some reason I couldn't make Friday, could he fish alone and I join him on Saturday?

Has anyone heard of this being ok? If your fishing the tournament, would you be ok with this?


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I fished a couple of tournaments with MBC Teams and have seen people fishing it alone because their partner couldn't make it because of illness.
I wouldn't have a problem with it.
Ditto - He should let you.. it has happen in both the Seniors and Couples so far as well.
I fished the first day of the recent seniors championship alone because my partner couldn't make it till Saturday. I asked Paul before I paid my entry to ensure he wouldn't have a problem with it and he didn't. You should be fine but to be safe call him don't email him since he will respond quicker to a phone call then an email
It has always been allowed before. Fishing alone puts you at a disadvantage. I will be fishing superteams alone this year.
Call paul 1st or we will have another 12 page session of hurt feelings.
Paul sent back an email that said it was ok. I am planning on fishing both days, this is just in case.
All you need to do is pay the fees, no new angler in the boat, and compete against the field.

My partner was not sick, but he was hiding in a tree stand trying to bag Bambi.
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