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Well after the great time fishing with dREAMER AT mEAD i DECIDED TO TAKE MY WIFE BACK UP TO mEAD FOR SOME STRIPER FISHING. Ooops wrong key :oops: Sorry.. Did I say Striper? Her first 4 fish were bass in fact she kept catching bass every so often while striper fishing including a 3.5 on a chrome Rouge. Dang.... She keeps it up we will have to start tournaments. Back to the Stripers, they were all over. The first cove to the left out of Calville had boils and was fair for fish,but the best area was over in the basin by the Gypsm beds. We picked up close to 50 the first day. The second day was so rOuGh we thought about taking seasick pills left over from our Albie trip. The third day turned out nice and we got into some good schools. We cleaned 25 that were over 3lbs. We had a blast and plan on going again.
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