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Migrating to verison

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Did any of you guys have a bunch of bullshit to deal with when you went from qwest to verison?

I migrated exactly like they said over a month ago, The wardens phone has had 3 number changes due to there ****up. mine stayed the same.
so sunday verison called me to tell me I had almost a 600 bill for less than a month LMAO I told them to suck my balls ( hoping to get layed by my 50th birthday ;) )
after an hour on the phone the reduced it down to what it should have been seems I had activation charges disconnect charges etc etc. they said they would give me a credit so I argued with them they fixed it on the spot.

so today qwest calls and asks me about my cel bill I said I migrated over a month ago, they say there computer says I didnt and I am still being billed on the wardens phone. so 30 mins later they straightened it out as said they would give me a credit on NEXT months bill Just like verision said. I told them to suck my balls again hoping to get layed before my 50th birthday.

What the **** is it with qwest cant they do anything correctly or un complicated? I have never had a problem with cox cable on the phone cable or the cable modem, but qwest is one giant cluster **** and have been sence they took over many years ago.

I am paying for highspeed internet(qwest) and I have .3 yes thats .3 kb speed, which is slower than a 56k modem LMAO

I flung poo again today ;)
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Quit your crying! Blah blah blah, bitch bitch bitch! If I was Quest, I'd tell you that you can't use their services anymore cause you cry soo much. Obviously you don't like Quest so go get some Cox. Are you having a hard time getting some Cox? :)

I flung poo tu.
LMAO I was hoping you would be a smart ass about it thats why I put the flung poo in there.
Thats some funny shit dude COX LMAO

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I won't make it to Long John's today for them fishsticks you're talking about. If fact, quit inviting me!
Most Qwest employees don't have the knowledge of how the Verizon systems work. Verizon is pretty good when it comes to billing disputes. As for Qwest, just give them a little time to go through the correct training and I'm sure they will improve. I used to work for Verizon and the systems are hard to navigate if you don't know how to do it.
I had a billing issue with qwest when I left them also.
when we did the migration from qwest to verizon they double billed us for 3 months! we would get a bill from both companies for one service. Then on our second bill after we migrated (the one from verizon) we started getting all these $10 charges for all these different activations. We didnt activate anything so could not figure it out. Come to find out directly from Verizone that the sales people that sell you the phone (if you buy it from a verizon store) download "free for the first 30 days" applications, dont tell you about it and then when the 30 days is up you start getting $10 a month charges! We had 3 phones/lines we bought and all three phones were loaded with different apps! Well long story short (well kind of short) they reversed ALL the charges and blocked any future apps. A big major pain in the arse the first 3 months of our new service with verizon, but now we are in our 9th month and no problems. It helps to really get snippy with them! LOL :biggrin:

Only bad drawback so far is in order to be able to text pictures to people we had to stay activated on an "open" internet line, so if we actidently hit the wrong button it will activate the internet and charge us an activation charge!
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All this BS with Verizon makes me really happy they bought Alltel. Not! I am looking to upgrade 2 phones and my oldest is going to split his number off. If I make any changes to my existing contract, I have to switch to a verizon plan. Best I can tell is I will be paying $20-30 a month more for the same level of service I have now.

I have never heard of verison, are they a new company in town??

I always use Verizon

Have you ever looked at the back of a qwest phone bill? there patented by 3 patents LMAO who the hell patents a bill

have you ever called and tried to have Qwest explain the bill!!!!!! what a nightmare
have you ever been put on hold with quest umm all the time. I hate them
talk to their repair people in Singapore or somewhere over that way, a little easier to understand than Dell people in India!!!
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