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MMBC 11/17 ???

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I'll be there around 06:00 or so.
John SWA and Ranger - did you guys get your new Johnny morris reels yet? Mine came yesterday - woo-hooooo!
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I am a definate maybe,though if my wife stay's frosty :? I may go this afternoon instead!
I can not make it tomorrow, I agreed to work O/T tonight.
I ordered a Ricky Clunn Reel and already got it in the mail before I heard about the Joohnny Morris reels going on sale. I always wanted one of these but this is my third Ricky Clunn reel and I love them too.
The way I've been fishing the last few Mondays I should'nt miss much. Good luck to all. Since I won't be there the fish will probably be jumping in the boat.
My dang BPS order is taking forever. I htink the mailman is out fising with my stuff. :cry:
I decided to take one of my boys out sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30 and did not get a bite, so I slept in today.hope they turned on for you Bill.
Nope - they didn't! :evil: One lousy 8" LM on a Bayou Boogie!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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