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You want the short version??? - Show up on a Monday morning and ask around if people post on AZBP or AZBZ and you're in as a member in good standing, of the unofficial MMBC.

You want the "official, non-sanctioned, rejected honest to goodness truth (as in Skunked's fishing report level of honesty and accuracy (which is something I took from Slick Willy's "now exactly what do you mean by truth?")) un-adapted, non-accepted, membership requirements and order of business for joining the dishonorary order of the Monday Morning Breakfast (and or bass) Club, then hold on for more crap than the typical boots can protect you from - cause it's gonna get deep...

The MMBC gatherings (which are only by accident or coincidental and offer no guarantee to improve your fishing skills or guarantee any satisfaction what so ever) are a special event, open to only those invited and or part of the MMBC club. It's a rigorous tryout to get accepted into the club and it always helps if you bring donuts. The best way to get accepted to the club is to show up on a Monday morning and valet launch every boat which looks like the operator/s are heading out for a fishing trip. Don't limit these services to only bass boats because some members operate pontoon boats and runabouts. The only way to get disqualified for the club (honestly) is to valet a wake boat and or a jet ski (unless Delw shows up and wants to watch them bug the hell out of the rest of us. In that case, you can valet one wake boat and one jet ski per hour) Make sure to help out the "disadvantaged" by giving extra attention to those owners of fish n ski boats because Ned02 and Nightcrawler belong to this group... You know, Happy Jack and his Flying Circus Boat with ejector seats and dive/fall platforms and all kinds of self harm contraptions - especially on the trailer... (poor jack - he'll never get a break) And NC. ...she's blond. But the most important etiquette that can not be broken is you MUST kiss any relatives of the late Lippy, on the lips and feed them 1 jelly donut per catch. Oh, and that entire Lippy family (Lumpy, Humpy, Bumpy, Flippy, and Drippy) all enjoy belly rubs. It's also inappropriate to catch the first fish, the most fish or the biggest fish on your first outing. It's important to respect the fishing spots of both the click, and the clique. Make damn sure you don't fish within eye sight of the grand pu bah of Saguaro, but since he can't hear if you're that far away, it's ok to follow directly behind him or tie on to his buddy’s boat... Buying breakfast at the marina (before 11) helps too. I'll take the cake and eggs...
At the end of the outing, make sure to complement the official non-official members on their catch and add a few fish and pounds every time you talk about their catch. If you do all of this and run for office against any future jobs our x-governors hold, you're in!

Again, in short, just show up and say Hey, I post on AZBZ and/or AZBP under the name ____, what's your name?. If they look at you like you're weird or something, you'll fit in just fine once you find the right gang... Good Luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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