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I fished from about 0530 until 1030 today. I mainly threw topwater and spoons and could not buy a bite from a LMbass. I saw plenty of shad everywhere and a few LMbass busting at the shad put I could never get close enough to catch one. (Main lake)

I then went just past the no wake zone and fished awile with Cropduster & wife and John. (JohnSWA) I watched John SWA slaughter the yellow bass. A short time later my one and only bite came on a Castmaster. At first I thought it was a yellow bass and then realized it was to big for a yellow. It stayed down and started pulling line, at this point I thought it was a LMbass or a catfish. After about a minute fight I landed it and to my suprise it was a 4.5 lb Walleye (24" long) This is my best AZ Walleye and the first one I caught in about a year. Cropduster was good enough to take a digital photo of my prize catch and hopefully the picture will make it to for everyone to see :D .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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