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Moderately amusing

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So BASS Elite Series Pro Mark Davis entered the FLW Series tournament at the Delta this week. --- AS A CO-ANGLER.

The Elite Series is coming to the Delta next year, so I suppose the idea is to get some familiarity with the Delta to get an edge for next year's event. That's not the funny part, though it seems a little odd to operate this way.

The funny part is Davis drew out on day #1 fellow Elite Series Pro Ish Monroe.
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WOW what a good draw if you are looking for way points and not co-angler points. Last few co's didn't do so well with Ish, I think they even blanked.

Its a new way to play the game of tourney fishing and if money is no object why wouldn't you and if people like this are doing it, how could you not.
I'd say the guy is smart... More power to him!
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