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Hello, I am in the market to buy oversized lures if you have any of the following lures and might want to sale, swap or giveaway then get back to me please,

1. muskie lures in blue/silver 7" inches and up to 13"
2. oversized cranks saltwater type bombers and rifts 5" and up to
8" in pearl white/ firetiger/ craw/ shad/ herring/salt bass
3. Tora tubes pearl white/ smoke/pink/ black and green/ christmas tree from 7" up to 11"
4. rapalas 6" up to 9" black silver/ blue chrome/ white black
fire tiger.

Or if you happen to have a line on where to look besides ebay I already have bids on most of them.
Thank You
Gold Canyon Bait Co.

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No I don't drive a white ford, I do have a couple of suick rip baits if interested. Throwing those things is like working out in the gym. If interested call me. 480-827-9598. The rest is all collecter items.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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