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Went to Sag with Rackman last night, got on the water about 520pm...nice lake! Fished about 10-20' of water at first, Rackman had a 1.5 in the boat by 630 on a worm, then a little dead period. We saw shad boils here and there, but couldnt get a bite. Then it got dark. Found a flat in about 5' of water and fished it...then it happened. Throwing a carolina rigged 8" worm right on the shoreline, I hooked it. She hit like nothing, but once I set, it was on. She ran and I knew she was nice, she came up and jumped, a solid 4-5lb fish....then she came to the back of the boat, and 2 bad things happened at the same time....first, the stern light blinded me (I forgot to put my hat over it like I usually do) and in that split second of blindness/confusion, she made a u turn around the big motor and went bye bye. Oh well, we saw her so that counts for something. Moved on to some steep walls, keeping the boat in about 20' and had a nice hit on a 10" worm but it just wouldnt take it. Finished up by getting an 8" bass on an 8" worm. We left at 11 or so. Talked to 2 guy sat the ramp that had 4 or 5 for the night including one they said was 5 or least someone is getting them in the boat!
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