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Help! I'm looking to send my folks to Texas for a dual purpose trip. It's their 50 th wedding anniversary this year and I need some help.
I came from a strong religious up-bringing as well as a love for fishing. I want to send my Mom and Dad to Lakewood Church (Joel Osteen Ministries) on a Sunday.
On Saturday, I want to book a guide service for Mom and Dad. I believe the experience of fishing for a largemouth bass on a Texas lake would be a true joy for my parents.
My question is; does anybody out there know of a guide that would provide a memorable trip on a lake in Texas. Thanks Matt... AKA- RookieBoy

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If you don't get any feedback try starting here:

I don't know what the best lake around Houston is, but Lake Fork doesn't look like too bad of a drive.

You could also try contacting:

I have had some email correspondence with Connie and she is very nice.

Also, has a list of some Texas guides. There is one who advertises as "Professional Christian Guide Service", if that helps.


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fishing in tx

Hey i grew up in Texas, was born in Houston, and my brother lives there now.

He is driving my old 2002 Cobra Coosa 216. If you want to get them out on the water in the Houston Area, I can have my brother take them out. He is not a licensed guide, but a good stick, good christian, and one of the funniest people i know. He would show them a great time on the water.

With that said, if they do not mind a little drive, I would go to lake fork!!! I go there every March for a week. They would have a shot a plenty of 7-10 lb bass and could get a monster there.

I know numerous guides there who will give them a fair price, but the one that comes to mind is Tracy Nix. He is a devout christian and the most honest guy on the water I know there. He has a couple of websites so check him out. Email me at [email protected] if I can help you out at all with this trip. Or call my cell at 602-690-0803. I would want the best for my parents anniversary too!
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