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My old trailer tires

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Well, i had a blow out, and one of the other tires had 3 nails in it. So I got 4 new tires and had one of the old ones put on as a "new" spare. So I have 3 14" trailer tires (215's I think) if anyone is interested, Not perfect, but very usable, especially as spares. Let me know if interested, I just need enough money to make it worth the time to get rid of 'em. Maybe 20 bucks or something, or some fishin' stuff/ old whatever you got!!

Thanks guys, i will try to take a few pics tomorrow.

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Closer look, all nails/ screws seem to be in easily repairable areas, and tires seem to be in pretty decent shape. Hopefully these can help somebody out. I know trailer tires are FREAKIN' expensive!!! So i didn't want to just let the tire shop sell 'em off to some used tire place.

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if it wasnt for the cracking/dry rot in between the treads, I might take one for a spare.
The boat looks good man, post some pics so i can see her now.....thats if ur not to busy
Here is one from the tire shop yesterday, I am in the process of putting stereo and some LED lighting in though, so not really ready for pictures at this point! I will take some when I get her cleaned up! I did wet sand her down.. I do need to finish up a few areas and re-wax her too...

Did you ever end up getting a new haul?

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if it wasnt for the cracking/dry rot in between the treads, I might take one for a spare.
Nice... I really wouldn't hesitate to use one of these as a spare.. as a matter of fact, I did. They hold air, and as long as you don't try to run them when they are low, you should have no problem with them. And depending on someone else's tire condition, these may be better than some of the neglected $h1t I see at the loading ramp every time i am out, like they have the original tires on a trailer from 1965!!! Just trying to do my part to recycle and to help some other zoner's out. Some people also have trailers that they just use around their property/ etc.

I only want 20 bucks... and that is just for the hassle of having to bring them home/ maybe meet up with someone....

These tires really aren't that old.. one of them was one that adam (from above) bought and that had to be maybe a year ago. (so you can ask him the specifics of it) and the other two the guy I bought the trailer from said he had just had them replaced and they looked good.. so probably max 2 years old.
Tires sold pending pickup.:)
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