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Yes, I'm still alive believe it or not! Funny thing about the dead and alive thing. Was talking to a friend of mine today about death and burial plots and she tells me about this company she saw on tv that takes your ashes and mixes it with concrete to make a burial "reef" or rock! They slap a nice bronze plate on it with your stats and drop you in the ocean and give the family the GPS coordinates! I started cracking up and told her something like that is right up my alley! I doubt if many of you would be surprised to hear that I got my butt planted as structure in Saguaro! :roll: :lol: It has been suggested my well meaning folk that the topo maps would then include Daphne's Rock which would be a landmark to fisherpeople everywhere. :p Something else was suggested if I got planted by the dam. :lol: Hey, maybe we could have a MMBC cove! :roll: :lol:

Oh ya, there I go chasing another boil! I'm back to my picture fixin', website harrassin' self so if ya'll were wondering what happened to those pics you sent? I'm working on them!

Check here for some updates
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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