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Need A Garage

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Hey dudes my buddies lift just took a shit and I need one this weekend if possible...anyone have a lift on thier property....need to do some work......if not Im going to use some bricks and some jacks in the yard....

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How high do you need to get it? I have a couple of cranes we can use to swing the mother around a bit. It would look good for a photo sitting on the roof or a hundred feet in the air with pigeons buzzing around it.:lol:
clear your pm"s FJ

I have a guy at my shop right now if you need a lift...
Thanks dudes I found a of my vehicles took a shit and it's going to be a long I have another buddy that stripped out the oil pan nut on his Dodge, only way to replace the pan is to hoist the motor a little:mad:

I already tried retapping it, and all other kinds of's ****ed

You could just retap it for a bigger size bolt. Thats what we would do when I worked at bown and bown. It happens more then you would think. People would mess it up putting the plug back in then bring to use the next time they needed the oil changed. Then it was our f*** up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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