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Need a new worm rod.

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I broke my t rig rod in half tonight. I'm going to need to get a replacement. What brand/model/length would you guys suggest. I have a revo to install on it.
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Zillion or cumara without a doubt, unless money isn't an issue. If so, go with a steez
I guess it depends on how heavy a rod you want, and what you want to pay. I have a small fortune in rods, but one of the best deals for your money I have found are the inexpensive BPS GS Series rods. They raised the price this year to a whopping $34.95, but still a good price. I have 3 of their 7'6" rods I use for flipping. 2 Hvy and 1 med/hvy. Since I mostly flip 65 pound braid when I t-rig its a good rod for me, but I have picked up plenty of bites sitting back and worming a plastic out in open water too with them. They key in my opinion is having a really good reel on them. I have a Quantum Accurist AC570PT on all three of them.

I have crushed the cork off the handle on one, but I have yet to break one.
7'0 at least
Medium Heavy
Xfast tip

Any of these work for me

Shimano Cumura
Rogue Mega Bass
Carrot stick premier
St Croix Avid, Legend
One of the most sensitive rods I have ever owned is a Falcon "Low-Rider" heavy action, 7' Carolina Lizard dragger! It's a great rod for a lot less than some of the others,also made in the good old USA!
Loomis MBR844c.
Best all around rod on the market....if I had one rod to do everything w/ it would be this one....

Thanks guys for all the suggestions, GrimReaper hooked me up with a Cumara. Thanks Brad.
Thanks guys for all the suggestions, GrimReaper hooked me up with a Cumara. Thanks Brad.

7'2 MH?
7'2 M
Should have atleast got a MH for worming.......
Thats a great rod but a MH would have been better to drive that worm hook home.
exchange for a MH if ya still can
Unless your Triggin in less than 15' of water its gonna be hard to backbone a nice set. That rod would be great for crankin.
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