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Need Help Picking an Outboard Motor.

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I am looking at buying a Ranger 210 Reata Fish'n ski and my options for a motor is the OptiMax 225 or the New Envinrude 225 High Output Direct Injection. The sales person that helped me was very nice and a well known fisherman in the area and he told me that the 225 Evinrude actually runs at 246 horsepower. This is very important because the rangers are so heavy I am concerned about low end torque.

Also if anyone has a triton fish'in ski, how do you like it?

I want all opinions out there.

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Everybody says the Envinrude 225 High Output is a faster motor than any other 225. I believe that to be true.

I have an 04 225 OptiMax and so far so good. It is fast enough for your needs but the Evinrude will be faster. But it will cost more.

Ask about a jackplate for the boat. If you are going to spend more on the engine spend just a little more on a jackplate so you can set the boat up for maximum performance.

About the Trition. You should take the time to look at them because they are so well built and the dealer, Complete Marine, is one of the best in town.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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