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need tips for powell

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Working in page the next 2 weeks and have never fished powell. Any tips would helpfull.
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all you need is a big box of jigs....they'll eat any color.
LMB & SMB = Rat-l-Traps, double tail jigs with skirt

Striper = Rat-L-Traps, KastMasters, Anchovies
dungeon cove , small mouth
That was always our favorite area too. We would park the houseboat in the back and hardly ever leave the canyon to fish... Tons of smallies in there, some LM and even some walleye...

Utah fishing biologist website for lake powell, great info, fishing reports, lures to use, conditions etc.
+1 with what redhammer said.
Yamamoto Jigs - double tail / single tail - all colors work.
Ill be there next month. Where is dungeon cove?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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