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Hey everyone! I am a late 30's woodworker from Winnipeg, Canada and I get out fishing here whenever I can manage. My parents are snowbirds in Gold Canyon and I come visit for a week each year usually around spring break. I've been up to Saguaro, Canyon, and Roosevelt for sightseeing/ATV'ing, but have always wanted to go fishing in one of them. Up here we have very few largies - mostly smallies, pike, and walleye. I'm hoping my father will be interested in going out with my uncle's boat for half a day when I'm there next week, but he's not as gung ho as I am about fishing. I'd love any tips about where to buy any tackle in the Mesa area, and where to target these beautiful fish. I also heard there are lake trout on Canyon, so might be interested in trying for some eater trout. If anyone has some tips, it would be appreciated, and if anyone is going out next week (I'll be there from March 20-27) and would like a partner split gas/fees with, I'd love to connect with you. I'm pretty relaxed and easy to get along with (I think!).

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