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New Fishing game

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It looked kind of cool for thoose days you can't get to the lake.
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Damn! I knew I should'nt of sold my Wii
they have a pc version too... but yeah i wish i wouldn't have sold my wii or 360.
cant wait to see what the hunting one is going to look like also. Can't find any videos or pictures of it but its supposed to come with a gun controller also is what the "rumor" is...
Holy crap that has alot going on
WTF??? No PS3 version??
I didnt notice that until after you posted, that sucks for thoose who have PS3, wonder why?

Glad I have a Wii and 360
reminds me of trophy bass, except trophy bass let you have tmx online
I bet the controller is close to if not more than $100 so I better start saving now.
Actually a couple of web sites have it listed for the ps3, just no specific date. And I highly doubt the controller will add much to the cost of the game, if any. I would never pay for a controller like that, they typically are junk anyway. Game looks very close to a previous ps2 title.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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