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New Here

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Greetings everybody... thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm 25, just getting back into fishing. About 10 or 12 years back I was big time into fishing with my folks, we had a boat and would frequent Saguaro for catfishing. Decided to step up to Roosevelt one weekend. Well we had an old shit boat with an I/O set-up, and apparently while out on the lake it sprung a fuel leak and gas and fumes started building up in the engine compartment the entire time we were out cruising around. Later in the day a backfire or something ignited everything that was in the compartment and exploded! Just a boom, and flash all over. We jumped in and the boat was cruising along burning like hell. Luckily I was the only one burned, 2nd degree burns all across the front of my legs but not much else, I was lucky I was sitting across from the engine, not in the seat right next to it.

Long story short, some jetskiers came by and gave us lifejackets (there weren't many people on the lake that day, I'm just happy I didn't go into shock and drown.) We lost our boat and all our fishing gear.

I never had much luck bass fishing back then, but recently decided to give it another try. I was surprised to find that much of the same methods I tried back in the day, are actually working for me now. I got laid off recently, but once I get back to work I'm going to be frequenting old Liar's Korner again for sure! Cheers!
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Welcome to the zone. Glad to have you.
Welcome to this here zone. Sorry to hear about what happened back then.
Welcome aboard,Rosey is my lake of choice,maybe see you out there soon.
welcome to the zone.
welcome good luck with job hunt and fishing.:lol:
Welcome and good luck on surviving the Zone! :biggrin:
welcome to the looney bin we call the zone and check your thin skin at the door........No that was not a stab at your unfortunate situation back in the day. That must have been terrible but good to see you weathered the storm. Lots of good people here....a little rough around the edges at times....but good people non the less. GOOD LUCK !!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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