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New Housing Developments

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You know I will never move into a new housing development ever again in my life, because you don't know who your neighbors are!!!!
Man I cruise down to my new house to measure some things before I move in right, and on the corner there's this girl selling oranges, and on the other side of the street theres this guy selling rugs, I'm like o.k. cool you know got a make a living o.k. plus I like oranges. So I go down the street to my house, and thier are like 20 people in line at the house across from mine. I get curious and ask my nieghbor(who has already moved in) whats the deal arcoss the street? He told me that the buyer deceided to rent out the house and the people that moved in sell burritos out of their garage. I'm like WTF? You know I didn't believe him, so went over there to see for myself......he was right.......WTF! So I contacted to home owners association and they said they would take care of it.........hey I'm all for free enterprise, but not on my block................................Franklin :x

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A regular neighborhood

Franklin im with you buddy on that, I know how your feeling, around three years ago when we were moving back down to the valley from Prescott Valley we didnt have time to search for older homes in what I call a regular neighborhood, no HOA fee's and all that crap, but we figured a new home in a new community would be are best investment, and it is. But you would think that with all the HOA rules the community would adhere to them and they dont, I got neighbors who leave there trash cans out all week, which by the way pisses me off, cause I put mine away once it gets emptied, I got a freakin notice one time from our HOA saying that my trash had been left out for a couple of day's, that happened to be my next door neighbor's trash container, he had left town for a couple of days, and they sent me the notice, did i give them a piece of my mind, I live on the corner to my street, and it seems like im the only one that keeps our block clean people see trash all over the street, and they dont even try to pick it up, a bunch of lazy guy's around here, I am in the process of selling my home, franklin, im going back to a regular neighborhood, to be honest with you they are better to live in than some of these communities that charge an arm and a leg for fee's, so long as you dont get Fred Sanford living next to you :lol:
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So much $ for a dozen??? :lol:
and were they any good? Can you post the menu for us, tambien? Gracias... seein how we are talking mexican food and all...
You see, Franklin, you should have bought my house! :lol: Seriously, sometimes HOAs can be a good thing. I haven't had any bad things to say in 12 years that I've been here. Put the burden on them to resolve this. That's part of what you're paying for.
I bet you wouldnt call if he was selling worms and rods out of his garage! :D
yeah Franklin what would you do if he was selling Rods and I sensing a double standard? Just go over and have them cut you a deal for a 2 dozen burritos a week no HOA needs to know, then you could supply the grub for fishing trips every friday or hell instead of dougnuts of MMBC you could bring the burritos.
if he brought burritos, Sag on Mondays would be a STINKY place to fish. :p
Uno cervesa mas fria porfavor sinor, words to live by Franklin
Ive lived with our HOA for 7 years,and since im on the board of directors guess its ok. I get what i want,and am willing to take a bribe :lol:
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