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You know I will never move into a new housing development ever again in my life, because you don't know who your neighbors are!!!!
Man I cruise down to my new house to measure some things before I move in right, and on the corner there's this girl selling oranges, and on the other side of the street theres this guy selling rugs, I'm like o.k. cool you know got a make a living o.k. plus I like oranges. So I go down the street to my house, and thier are like 20 people in line at the house across from mine. I get curious and ask my nieghbor(who has already moved in) whats the deal arcoss the street? He told me that the buyer deceided to rent out the house and the people that moved in sell burritos out of their garage. I'm like WTF? You know I didn't believe him, so went over there to see for myself......he was right.......WTF! So I contacted to home owners association and they said they would take care of it.........hey I'm all for free enterprise, but not on my block................................Franklin :x

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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