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A regular neighborhood

Franklin im with you buddy on that, I know how your feeling, around three years ago when we were moving back down to the valley from Prescott Valley we didnt have time to search for older homes in what I call a regular neighborhood, no HOA fee's and all that crap, but we figured a new home in a new community would be are best investment, and it is. But you would think that with all the HOA rules the community would adhere to them and they dont, I got neighbors who leave there trash cans out all week, which by the way pisses me off, cause I put mine away once it gets emptied, I got a freakin notice one time from our HOA saying that my trash had been left out for a couple of day's, that happened to be my next door neighbor's trash container, he had left town for a couple of days, and they sent me the notice, did i give them a piece of my mind, I live on the corner to my street, and it seems like im the only one that keeps our block clean people see trash all over the street, and they dont even try to pick it up, a bunch of lazy guy's around here, I am in the process of selling my home, franklin, im going back to a regular neighborhood, to be honest with you they are better to live in than some of these communities that charge an arm and a leg for fee's, so long as you dont get Fred Sanford living next to you :lol:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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