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New Mexico

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I dont know if any of you care but, I found this interesting that New Mexico is FINALLY getting a bass hatchery. New Mexico has four or five trout hatcheries but no warm water fish hatcheries. Anyway now I get to catch more bass back home and less trout.
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I believe it is going to be set up in Ruidoso. I am from a little town called Espanola just north of Santa Fe. Its nice to hear that there are other New Mexicans out there on this site. Where abouts are you from?
I was just fishing up in Jemez Springs last month, I also drove up to fenton lake but it was to busy to fish. I caught some really nice natives out of those streams. I have not fished Elephant butte in a long time however last time I heard the water was REALLY low and the fishing was awsome. I have seen some Huge stripers come out of that lake. If anybody likes fishing trout in streams or rivers the San Juan Rivers is the best.
hey dryheat, you know I have not heard much about the Baca since I moved away from home but if I hear anything I will keep you posted. Oh, I posted the wrong info about the hatchery it is gonna be in Santa Rosa not Ruidoso. I guess they are dropping 1.3 mil on this project. Its good to hear from some Northern New Mexicans. All this talk about home makes me want to take another fishing trip out there. :lol:
BassTrix, Yeah its a little scary for anybody to go to that town, especially if you are a lil white boy. :lol: Yup the green Chili is roasting right now and my stomach is growling, man, I think that is the best smell in the world. The funny part of that joke is that it is true!!! :lol:
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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