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New Mexico

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I dont know if any of you care but, I found this interesting that New Mexico is FINALLY getting a bass hatchery. New Mexico has four or five trout hatcheries but no warm water fish hatcheries. Anyway now I get to catch more bass back home and less trout.
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Greetings fellow New Mexicans! You guy's need to stop talking about the Jemez, your'e making me homesick.. I grew up in Albuquerque but my dad ran a sawmill in Cuba and my uncle ran one in Espanola. Spent many hours as a kid on that mountain. What's the lastest with the Baca? Last I heard it was going to be in a rotational management plan with several govt. agencies. :lol:
If you guys need a local fix try the Albuquerque Tortilla Company. They have a store around 7th ave and Northern. Heck they even have an honest to God roaster out back. The fresh stuff from Hatch ought to be rollin in soon. It's a retail store but they also serve hot food. (Real breakfast burritos, rellenos etc.) Oh yea, the sopapillas aren't on a dessert menu either! My personal favorive item are theri frozen rellenos. They run a about a buck apiece and are breaded and ready to go. Just a couple of minutes in the oven or skillet to melt the cheese and your on your way. My wife and I were in San Francisco once at a mexican food joint. (Yeah I should know better.) Rellenos were on the menu. Having been burned many times by what places try to pass as a relleno I had to ask, " Do ya have a Big Jim?"* He just smiled. The food sucked but the service was great.

*For all you Texans it's a breed of green chile.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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