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New Name???

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I take it you're thinking of making this site permanent. Trying to decide on a name? Don't know if these will help (some are just out of fun) but maybe some of these will spark a moment of brilliance and lead to the perfect name - the name that says it all... or not.

How about the Clique??? :wink: Or.... (In addition to AZBASS)
AZ Bass'n
Bass'n AZ
Kickin' AZ Bass
Bass Kickin' in AZ
Desert Bass
Sonora Bass
Pink Thong Bass Assn.
Skunked the Great ...had to try. :p
Southwest Bass Forum
Bitchin'CryabayGroupiePunks ...just trying to cope :wink:
AZBassThugs ...poking more fun at the b.s.
AZ Bass Dawgs
AB Bass ...with Ken's permission of course :wink:
Central AZ Bass
MMBC (Mojave Mountain Bass Club)
Copper State Bass
Girls Gone Bass'n
Girls Gone Bass'n - Delw Style
Four Peaks Bass
Pinal Bass
AZ Bass Stud
Bass South
Shiprock Bass
Sunset Bass
Sundowner Bass
Rippin AZ Bass Lips ....oops?
Canyon Bass
Pleasant Bass
Saguaro Bass
Valley Bass
Salt River Bass
AZ Black Bass

...well, I don't see any "brilliance" there, but maybe it will help you think of something. Good luck!
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:lol: :lol: LMBO Ray! Now some of those actually have some potential! I like the groupie punks and the thugs. :lol:

Bass South.....would that be an up name? Or a down name?

Kick'n AZ long as we're not trying to say we're out there actually kicking the bass (provided we can really find them), PETA would be all over us for sure

Pink Thong Bass.....just be careful that Spiderman doesn't try and take over the board :wink: And they would have to change the logo then too....

Skunked the Great? :shock: :p

AZ Bass Stud.....well, I'm not a stud but am I in the Good Ol' Boys club?

AZ Bass Dawgs....Same problem as Spidey, course Dawg is OLDER now so it may not be that big of a problem. :twisted: :lol:

Girls Gone Bass'n.....okay, not touching that one

Four Peaks bass....not gonna touch that one either

Rippin AZ Bass Lips....would this give the wrong impression that we're actually catching bass?

good stuff there Skunked the Great! :lol:
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