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Next AZCA Meeting

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The next official meeting of the Arizona Crappie Association will be held at the Windy Hill Amphitheater, Roosevelt Lake at 2pm on Saturday 9-12-09. Some of us plan to meet at the Badger Ramp around 7am and go fish, then back to the amphitheater for some lunch before the meeting. If you are thinking of joining our club this is a great chance to meet some of our crew and learn more about the AZCA. All zoners are welcome to attend. I hope to see you there.
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Badger is usable???? last I seen it was on my gragh
Will be there. I might be up for leaving ramp a bit earlier than 7.
College football my brother! The Gator game is on at 0920, sorry won't be able to make it.
thank god for that. Football
hey bill, let me know for sure if you are gonna fish sat morning, will meet yas down there and get out and fish awhile
I'm working on my personal details but I may camp at Windy Hill Friday night and meet the crew at 6am at the ramp.
Elk hunting in 5A, I have to finish my hunt so I can be home by the 19th to smoke a Turkey. So we an kick VIRGINA TECH'S Ass in BLACKSBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to listen to our game on the radio just like I will this week. GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way the HUSKERS will be playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2010 and beyond as the BIG RED has RISEN AGIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAC don't get mad just hope your team won't have to play us when were playing for the Championship.

Heck your welcome to come over and enjoy some good food and we can watch both games, I live for College ball.


I am not worried about the Huskers this year. I just hope we make it to the SEC Championship in Atlanta!
Me, Hawk and Repo will be at the Bobcat ramp around 6 am. We're going up Friday night and camping in the Coati area. We might stay Saturday night as well.
The wife and I will be up there Thursday evening in Coati. We are going to give a try Thurs. night. We will post any success. See you all on Saturday.
Hi Bill, I'll be there fri afternoon, are you going to fish fri nite, I'll most likely give it a shot, see ya there
I work Friday until 7 am so we won't be there till at least 9. We may go out Saturday night though.
I work Friday until 7 am so we won't be there till at least 9. We may go out Saturday night though.
correction 7pm - 9pm :bong:
OOPS! I meant I work untill 7 pm so we should be to the lake by 9 ish.
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