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next meeting

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What do you guys think about Saturday 10-12, 2 pm at the Windy Hill Amp? I'd like to post it in the general forum by friday so speak up.
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Opps, I meant Sat. Sept. 9-12 at 2 pm, thanks Web!
Will be Flagstaff, ELK hunt.

What about Lake Mary?
Will be Flagstaff, ELK hunt.

What about Lake Mary?
Good luck Mr Bait! We be fishin Rosey! :biggrin:
is this the Hirsh Classic?? Sept. 11, 12, and 13. if it is I need to know also, so i can get out of work. can't wait for cooler temps chasing slabs at Rosey.

Well Bill, looks like I won't be able to make this meeting either!

Have been out of town a lot this summer. Seems like whenever you schedule a meeting - no can do. I can't even make that upcoming Striper Tourney!

Oops! Probably shouldn't of mentioned the Striper thing - don't hate me Bill!:biggrin:

sounds good

cousinIII:banhim::banhim::banhim:--not allowed to talk about stripers here

that should be good for me, hopefully the temps will be below 200 degrees
Oh So Sorry....

Did I type Striper? No - I meant Stripper. Yeah, that's right....:lol:

Stripper Tournament. She's getting my vote:

You boys have fun, I'll be in 5A Elk hunting.
Sorry for the mix up. The meeting on 9-12 is a regular meeting, The BHCC is Oct 9, 10 and 11th. Everyone needs to be there!
now I am totally confused!!, strippers,elk, crappie, Powell

lets all go with wadefisherman to Powell and have the meeting?
So there will be strippers at elk camp and fall BHCC? Tough choice.
You guys are killin me! Better get to Rosey and find a pattern before the BHCC or you'll be donating to Jay's college fund. :biggrin:
As long as Piscolli and Fishless aren't the strippers...
Hey I do a mean pole dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

found the pattern at rosy already and BPS does not carry Dupont lures!!!!!!!
I'll be on an Elk hunt, boogey woogey bugling boy!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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