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Okay I know this has probably been posted in the past and of course I have forgotten as usual, but as far as night fishing is concerned, have any of you guys noticed a difference in fishing based on the moon? Full moon, no moon, etc? And also, I have heard alot of reports of people only catching big LMB at night on Apache Lake. I have been going to Apache Lake for the last 20 years and usually have always been during the weekend and when I can take off work, during the week, but I always fish during the day, and all day from sun up to sundown and the fishing slows up a bit during the middle of the day, but I still manage to boat quite a few fish, and some very large ones as well. I think because of the heat this time of year, everyone would just rather fish at night and so those are the only reports you hear. I guess what Im askin is if anyone has any good stories to maybe sway me towards night fishing and any tips and tricks to go along with it? Thanks in Advance!

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I fish pleasant about 99.5% of the time so Idont know about other lakes.
For 3 years I kepted a log on the pc on my fishing trips at this lake. I went in the summer pretty much every night and in the winter about every3 days.
I also noted the moon phase and weather conditions BAr. pressure
Aslo I put the number down from bassmasters good fishing lunar table.

What I have found is that the fish will bite when they want and where they want. moon or no moon bar or no bar.

Ive caught fish when they say its bad fishing and Ive not caught fish when they say its good fishing..

Night fishing is good though, this year there is not a good flipping bite at pleasant liek there has been in the past few years. but its there.


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