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night fishing

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Any night fishing tips? Never done it here in AZ was hoping for a lil insight on what to use ect...
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Sure come on out to the Tucson Bass Open at Patagonia tonight. Aug 22 reg starts at 1600 hrs on the ELWAY BUS in the middle of the lake. 1700-0001 hrs. Not a bad turn out usually.

$130 per boat includes big fish and goon
12" min
NO LIVE BAIT, worms,crawdads,minnows, etc.
.5 lb penalty for dead fish
life vest with big (gas) motor running
no alcohol consumed during tournament hours (B.A.S.S. Reg)
thats not a tip that's a suggesstion but thanks!
Fish points and underwater humps with jigs and big worms or a dropshot and you should be fine.
If you can flip hit the reeds, if not throw creature baits around the edges of reeds. See you there tonight. I have the white and red charger.
Black or Dark baits

Fish submerged islands, top of island is about 15'-25' feet deep. Position yourself over the island cast out to about a 40' depth and SLOW roll the bait up hill to the top of the island what is working good is black and blue, black and red worms and jigs. 1/2 to 3/4 oz. jigs, 7-10" worms.

Drop shot is good to, if you find suspended fish that are not biting on the worms or jigs then try jiging a spoon or a swim bait.

Some people have had luck throwing tops, and spins
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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