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Spent 10 hours on Barlett today, stopped 12 boats wrote 6 tickets. I got most of them trained. it is really slowing down on the lakes now and no we are on lake patrol all year. our priorities start shifting this time of the year towards hiking and 4x4 rookies. when it starts to cool down people start using the forest areas and getting lost, hurt, stuck and dead. On lake patrol the entire forest is our responsibility. any crime committed or call for service, we have to resond to. we not only patrol the water, but also the forest land within Maricopa County. For instance, my Beat area is about 600 square miles. Rio verde to the county line north and west of seven springs to the mountain range east of Bartlett lake. I get alot of helicopter rides. and as for the boats, they are dying. i got 3 broken ones at Barlett now. my last one sunk on my days off. water was 1 inch from going over the transom. we also do all the DUI task forces they have in the winter time and because we are first resopnders, we go to most critical incidents where they need bodies quickly. we also dive for all the bodies and conduct evidence searches underwater. we are not busy much at all.
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