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I was just curious why the Sheriff's boats aren't on the water at Saguaro anymore. I haven't seen one on the water since the last OUI checkpoint. Given the benefit of the doubt, are the boats broken down? I also haven't seen the Sheriffs around the Blue Point Bridge. So... if the officers aren't on the lake, and they're not at the river or on Bush Highway, where is our "Lake Patrol?"
Just fyi... there's a lot more boat traffic now than there was a month ago. I think everybody's getting out as much as possible before winter comes. I saw some really stupid stuff out there this morning. C'mon 50 degree water!
I have seen the Forest Service boat several times. Any input? Does September end the tour of duty for the year? Is it a summer job? I'll probably ask again at the next Roundtable next week. We did get to eat at the marina Friday and got to sit at the Sheriffs' table!! That's what our server told us. NightRanger, this isn't personal.
Boat Cop, you're still patrolling Bartlett every weekend?
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