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I live in El mirage and was wondering if any one knew any good golf courses or fishing holes near by.
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sure do. they are called GET IN YOUR CAR/TRUCK/MOPED/GOOGLE EARTH and find them yourself! Also, recon is on you too. work hard to find them then keep them to yourself. Ninja on.
When I first moved into this house, I pulled it up on google earth and found a pond in the woods about 1/2 a mile from here! It's most likely private property but it's a fun little place to fish. :D
Well I did the google earth thing ,and did find some good spots Im probably going to try them at dusk. Are there usually bass in all those little ponds? Ive cought cat fish out of a those,but I didnt think there would be bass.
If there are cats, then there are USUALLY bass too. goodl luck.
my three night time pond scouting baits are a blade, buzzbait and a tx rigged 7" ct worm. If you dont get bit on one of those in 30 mins, move on.
and a senko. also a good bait to see it there are fish.
if you live in el mirage, there is a big park about 3-4 miles past the 60 on bell rd at about litchfield er so. i think ist surprise park er sumthin like that. pretty good fishin. good sized urban style lake. try blades and tr worms at evening time.
thanks for the info on what baits to use. ILL keep those in mind I have tried suprise park and didnt think to highly of it I did manage to catch a couple of small l/m bass off of A crappie jig, but nothing to write home about. I have one fishing hole that me and a buddy were told about at suprise park, and it has produced bass, cat, and carp its in young town off of 111ave and conneticut, but you'll have to figure out what there biting on. let me tell you if you dont have it they wont bite trust me we've trid it all.
if there is water there are fish
remember when ninja fishing pack light and always be ready to chuck a beer at the security gaurd and run
Crystal Gardens, It's Legal. It's off of McDowell and the 101 area. It is a ton of lakes there. Artificial baits and crawlers only.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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