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Official meeting of Lake Fork Kayak Anglers

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I am posting this on AZBZ because believe it or not there are a lot of Texans that have found their way to you :hitsfan::1popcorn::deb:. :Iconrotfl

Here it is! We talked about it! We have had a response to it!
We are officially holding our first introductory meeting of Lake Fork Kayak Anglers (LFKA). This is a kayak fishing club based on Lake Fork where our mission is to introduce and preserve the sport of kayaking and kayak fishing for those of all ages.

On a recreational level this is a great way for those who have a passion for the sport of yaking to meet fellow yakers. On a club level we will be holding club tournaments starting in September. On a more competitive level we will be structuring tournaments for the 2010 spring, summer and fall schedule. Which will consist of 4 to 6 events both on Lake Fork and surrounding bodies of water. With a Championship held in October.

We are securing some great club and tournament sponsors. Where LFKA members will receive discounts from club sponsors on their products or services. Members will also have use of our private launch area located on Searcy Branch. Whether you’re a seasoned kayak angler, touring yaker, beginner or just looking at getting into the sport. We at LFKA think we are structuring something that will benefit us all.

Please join us for our introductory meeting where we will share in more detail the scope of LFKA .

Meeting held at.
Sopa Taco
5196 N. FM 17 (3/4 mile S. 515 on N. side of 17)
Alba, Texas
On Saturday August 29 at 3pm.

Go Plastic!!

Larry Matthew
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Larry, I thought you bought JR,S Basscat?
Sold the Triton?
Yup. Whats wild is I had a bidding war between three guys and sold it for 1500 more. Crazy Texans.

Larry, I thought you bought JR,S Basscat?
Well we are working on it. What JR and I have is a problem with the purse holders. His purse gaurdian says he isn't buying a new Basscat and mine says I have other priorities :moon:.

I have put on 25 lbs since moving here so my ass needs to do some paddling for a while :Iconrotfl.

You move here I'll turn you into a yaker, roto mold junkie. Just have to beware of the gators :eek:.
Sold the Triton?
Yup it sold. Had a bidding war on it between three guys. Crazy Texans

Larry, I thought you bought JR,S Basscat?
What JR and I have are problems with the purse string holders. His says he isn't buying a new Basscat mine says I have other priorities :eek:.

Beside I have put on 25lbs since moving here. So paddling my ass around will be good for me. If I just lay off the Cerveza.
Next meeting of LFKA (Lake Fork Kayak Anglers)is on Monday Sept 21 at 6pm
Located at 3016 W State Highway 154 across from the Minnow Bucket Marina.
We will have all membership apps available and I will be putting together and outline to send to those that have shown interest on the various forums.

Thanks to all that showed up and a special thanks to Ron of Ron Jones Custom Fishing Rods for showing up and sponsoring the club with discounts on his custom rods. Nice work Ron orderd one today can't wait to get it.

PS Bring your yak and you can launch from the property after the meeting for some late fishing.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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