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ok guys time to listen up

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the next fake name to come online and stir shit is going to get posted if you think I am joking try me I dare you ;)

I dont read all the stuff on the board cause I just dont have the time, however I get lots of pms and phone calls about this and that online. and I have someone deleted it or I delete it. I dont like baby sitting people and dont have the time to do so.
seems recently some people seem to be posting out of there ass, keep it up and its going to suck to be you.

So those of you who think you are being funny, maybe you should stop and think. most of the time your being an asshole, I dont really think anyone cares about the dock talk.

As of 10 mins ago NO ONE ( except me) has access to the admin section and double registartion is turned off.
i got better things to do then listen to my phone ring at 10pm at night while i am trying to do something.

so remember next time you think your being funny with a fake name I am going to have the last laugh posting your real name.

Have a nice day

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Delberts having hot flashes
Delw = Al Capone of AZBZ
Delberts tired and was pissed when I got interupted from my play station game. I was doing pretty lousy anyway.

some nimrod made some pedofile comments last night, the warden saw them and had me delete them this morning, that pissed me off this morning, figured my phone would be ringing off the hook it didnt. but it did tonight I guess someone must have saved them for others to see.

I started KILLZONE 2 yesterday. I was gonna post under KILLZONE and make fun of peoples moms, but now I cant. BUMMER! :riaa:
Post them anyways Delw!

+1 ^

Will the real a$$-holio please remove your mask.

( Only problem is there's like 20 of 'em )
now we know how the G&F got the poor dudes name down in Yuma....
this is nothing new, you parked the bus on XLBass. A few years ago. : Jerk-it: Jerk-it: Jerk-it: Jerk-it
Yup Nolord, he's #1 on the hitlist. What an idiot!
So who am I?

I'll stick around and see what happens to your ass! :biggrin::1popcorn:
So who am I?
Is that you Delbert:Iconrotfl How many guesses do we get? 3,OK
thanks Del, now back to your game!
Sounds like del was getting more bomb threats last night
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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