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okay, okay..maybe plex doesn't suck!

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late post. went up to plez fri 9/11, at lake at 4:15, didn't get to water until 6:30. every damn gate to anywhere was locked. at scorpion bay, everywhere, just decided to wait until visitor center opened. got to water and fished from shore till 11am. caught two right away on rapala dt6, and switched to a blue/silver cast master and proceeded to clean up lots of little 'uns, but over all 9 keepers for me all 1 1/2 lb to 3lb's and about the same for my brother. suprising enough, only one white bass the whole morning, all others nice healthy LMB. every hit it was like they wanted to rip the pole out of your hands, very healthy aggressive fish that day. also saw huge balls(thousands) of striper "fry" all over the dam area near shore. what a day to forget the casting net! coulda put a huge dent in the striper population right there and then!
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Yeah there are huge schools of striper fry up river. The LMB fry are schooling with them.
there are so many different age classes of stripers at pleasant right now, they must of had good spawns the last 3 years and now the whites are finally on a come back with different age classes but a ton of the 6-8" ones, seeing lots of 5-6" lg mouths schooling and hitting the surface like stocker trout at a hatchery.
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