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On Board Charger??

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Hey guys,
Well, it looks like my on board charger has punked out on me. I have one of those 20amp 2 bank bass pro xps chargers and it has worked great for about 6 months, until the other day. I go out to check the boat and one of my batteries is bone dry, and hot as hell. The charger is also hot as hell. Anyone ever have this happen? Anyways, I'm going to need a replacement and was wondering what everyone has or recommends? lets hear it.
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i have a minnkota 3 bank model and it charges my bats in an hour awsome charger talls you if your battterys are bad and everything i love it!
Fill your bat with water and charge it. See what the charger tells you. You might just have a Bat. that cooked rather than take a charge. or have your bat tested.
I already filled it up and tried charging it again. It never got to fully charged and the battery was boiling when I checked it...releasing a lot of heat and fumes. I actually just read a lot of reviews about this specific charger that are really negative with similar experiences to mine. I'm going to have to buy a new battery now, so I might try it with the charger before I return it just to be sure...but I'll keep a close eye on it so I don't fry the new battery.
I have had an XPS 2 bank for almost 2 years, and have never had a problem. I check the bat fluid after everytrip, especially in the summer.
I check the battery fluid quite often, but the problem is that when it is charging the battery is boiling the fluid, and it doesn't take long for that boiling to dry out all the fluid.
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