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Hey, hunting more info on the Open. I found the standings under Won Bass, but no story. Clifford Pirch is leading with 5/5, 9.51 lbs. Conditions have changed since I was up there with Dreamer. Looks like that front may be mixing things up. Dreamer had 3/3, 4.14 lbs. Definitely not the fish we found in pre-fish a few weeks ago. :? Hope it turns around for him :lol: If anyone knows of another link or finds one please let me know.

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I hope dreamer does good.

Did he ever get that seal put in his lower unit before he left?

The wonbass page is your best bet, they usually upload the pics late at night after everyday of competition, At least they have on the last 3 tournys.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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